Welcome to Telephone Engineer Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. Residential telephone & broadband  installation & repair services. Ex BT Engineer with over 30 years experience. Tele: 07934 231000

        Our charges are a fraction compared to your service providers & NO 20% VAT Charges !

Local Telephone & Broadband Services. Local Telephone Engineer covering Hemel Hempstead, Kings Langley & Watford Area, Hertfordshire with over 30 years experience within the Telecom industry, specialising in telephone line repair and installation, broadband speed faults or investigations and broadband repair, telephone extensions & wiring repair, underground cable repair on your property. Professional & prompt service, New cable and socket install come with a 12 month warranty.  

* Telephone Line Repair          * Telephone Extensions            * Business Telephone Systems * Underground Cabling          * Alarm Line Cabling               * Data Socket / Cabling

* Broadband Speed Investigation / Repair               * Cable Tidy                              * New Phone Sockets                * Garden Office Cabling           * Professional Service

Are you having a problem with your telephone or internet line provider and you need a visit from a Qualified Ex BT Telephone Engineer ?. Are your service providers charges totally unacceptably high and they are also charging you VAT ?. Are you getting NO help from there engaged busy call centres ?. Please call us for any telephone or broadband issue on your property.

Contact Hemel Hempstead Ex BT Telephone Engineer Services. Tel: 07934 231000 or Email.

*All Charges at a FRACTION of BT, See  BT Openreach Telephone Engineer Charges Below !